Why Do You Need a Lemon Law Attorney?

Trying to negotiate a reasonable settlement for the problems you have endured with your vehicle or other consumer product will usually just frustrate you even more. It is our experience, from talking to hundreds of consumers who have attempted to negotiate their own settlements with the vehicle manufacturers, that it will usually get you nowhere. Haven't you been through enough frustration with your lemon already?

The manufacturer will encourage you to give the dealership another opportunity to repair your lemon. The manufacturer may call the dealership on your behalf to discuss the problem. If the situation is severe enough, the manufacturer may offer you an extended warranty or reimburse you one or two month's payments. However, without experienced lemon law lawyers on your side, it is highly unlikely the manufacturer will offer to repurchase or replace your vehicle.

The lemon laws in the USA provide that if the manufacturer repurchases or replaces your lemon, then the manufacturer has to pay your attorneys fees. Before you attempt to negotiate a settlement on your own or accept an offer made to you by the manufacturer, contact us for a free lemon case review. We never charge for a review of your situation, so you have nothing to lose, except of course for your lemon. Chances are, we will be able to do much better for you than whatever the manufacturer is offering, if they are offering anything.

Vehicle and consumer product manufacturers take your claims much more seriously when they know you have experienced lemon law attorneys on your side. Our lawyers have negotiated thousands of claims with the manufacturers and their lawyers over a period of more than 12 years. We have developed relationships with many of their key personnel. We have fought difficult legal battles with them when necessary and taken our client's cases to trial and to the appellate courts. They understand that we have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide our clients with high-quality legal representation.

Put our experience to work for you in negotiating the best possible settlement for your lemon vehicle or consumer product problems. You pay no attorneys fees unless and until we earn a settlement for you and you pay nothing during your case.In the highly unlikely event that you recover nothing, we do not earn a fee. That way, we have as much at stake in your case as you do.

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