Why it's a Free Service

I am eventually going to get a bill, right? Wrong!

Understandably, people are skeptical when they are told that a valuable service is available at no cost to you. But with consumer legal services, that should always be the case. The lemon law in USA and the Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act contain "fee-shifting" provisions, which allow judges to award attorneys' fees to consumers who are successful in court. If the lemon laws did not contain these "fee-shifting" provisions, very few consumers would be able to pursue such a claim, rendering the laws essentially useless. The point behind these "fee-shifting" provisions is to level the playing field. It allows consumers to obtain the same quality legal representation that is available to the world's largest corporations, such as the major automotive manufacturers. It also encourages the manufacturers to work towards building better quality products and fewer lemons.

Thanks to these fee-shifting provisions, we are able to offer the services of our experienced lemon law attorneys at no cost to you. There is never any cost for our review of your situation. We provide a free consultation and a free review of your repair records. If you decide to retain our firm to represent you, we never charge you a retainer and we never send you monthly bills for our services. We do not require deposits for any litigation costs, such as court filing fees. We pay all of these costs on your behalf up front. All of our attorneys' fees and litigation costs are paid by the defendant in your case out of the settlement proceeds. This means we don't get paid a dime unless and until we earn a settlement for you. No matter how long your case goes on, you never get a bill from us. In the very rare event that you recover nothing, we don't get paid either. That way, we have as much at stake in your case as you do.

So you have nothing to lose by calling us today, except that frustrating lemon sitting in your garage or driveway. To find out how we can help you with your lemon law problem, call us at (877) 846-1209 and speak for free to an experienced lemon law attorney, or fill out our form for a free lemon case review.

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